Bluecrue Foundation Investments

koruThe Bluecrue Foundation was formally established in 2013, following more than a decade of informal operation.  This non-profit philanthropic organization harnesses the policy insights of the Bluecrue Institute to focus charitable investments into programs to help improve our ecology and human experience.  These investments are organized into the following themes:


Invest in programs that inspire the imagination of present and future generations. The essential intent of this investment theme is captured beautifully by Jason Silva here:

  • Join our SETI@Home team and donate unused computer time from that dormant computer in your kitchen or home office to help us understand our universe.
  • The International Dark Sky Association promotes efficient lighting design to reclaim the night skies for generations to come.

Seed the Clouds

This strategic theme targets investments for programs that provide an essential catalyst for self-sustaining personal or economic growth.

  • Join our team in support of crowd-sourced microfinance for developing world entrepreneurs.


Invest in programs that enable communities and ecosystems to adapt to change while maintaining basic function.

  • Resilience programs are being identified through policy research aligned with the philosophies of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.  A list of candidate programs is planned by Autumn 2013.
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